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  • Group Session

    Group Session

    I haven’t been touched in years. What value do I have if not in circulation? We’re with you. Your value is more than your date stamp. You can count on your copper hive. You guys are the best! Group hug!

  • Change


    Things are changing. Slower as we go, faster as we grow apart. Still a group. We stand out now, lifted by forces unknown. Seeing all things. From this height, we recognize our place.

  • L’exhibitionniste!


    We see your attempt     “Seduce the shoppers!” …so you think We are united     L’épi de maïs! Smart shoppers avoid the half-shucked

  • Discipline


    Dirtied by the foul of others Made to stand in line Do as told Appreciated duty or torment After too long unknown

  • Informants


    With ease over time we realize Something kept secret Our transgressions Slowly painted public

  • Absent


    Oct 1, 2012 5:00 PM Hey Scott Yeah? Something feels wrong. What do you mean? I feel a little…out there. … What do you mean “out there” I feel like I’m floating – ever feel that way? Not since the pre-build party with the stones OMG that was killer! Yeah Hey Carl…you remember that chick…