Abiotic Couple

Odd Couple

No matter who goes by,
they are seen as a couple.

Never alone,
only feeling mellow.

Two odd numbers;
Locked and unlocked.

Unaware of purpose,
they sunbathe in silence.

Abiotic Couple


I hate to be mean, but we have been through this a few times now.
Where does the signal come from?
That’s right – the sky.
Where are you pointed?
You are pointing at the ground.
Try again, this time with a little more…aim.

Abiotic Couple

Friend Pipes

Were you up all night again?!
Oh come on man…do we have to do this again?
Fine, fine…I’ll just let you go out and drown yourself.
DUDE what is your problem? Water comes FROM us. We are ALWAYS drowning.
You know what I mean.
You don’t have to act like my big brother.
Somebody should look out for you.
Well, look at you! You’re huge! Why not lose a few pounds?
[sigh] Forget it. We’re stuck here.
Abiotic Couple

Flag Chat

Nice to have the day off isn’t it, Chicago?
Sure is, America.
You think anybody notices us when it’s calm?
Probably not.
That’s kinda sad, isn’t it?
I guess – they appreciate us on the windy days though.
Hah – isn’t it hilarious when people think Chicago is actually a “windy” city?
I love hearing that on our busy days. It’s even better when someone gets blown over.
Sure is nice to rest though.