Abiotic Group

Group Session

I haven’t been touched in years.
What value do I have if not in circulation?

We’re with you.
Your value is more than your date stamp.
You can count on your copper hive.

You guys are the best!

Group hug!

Abiotic Single


Stop…before you say it, I know.
I really shouldn’t have.
I knew I would regret it, but I just couldn’t resist!

There it was – sitting there, looking delicious.
A big electrical brownie just for me!
I just ate it, okay?

It was delicious.
I know they’ll close me up and it’ll be with me forever,
but I don’t care.

Please don’t judge me.

Abiotic Single

Pitch In

It was a slow day. Not too many visitors, so as you can see…I haven’t collected much. I hope the Flip & Empty man isn’t disappointed. You should have seen me last week! There were swarms of humans with tons of contributions. I couldn’t even hang on to everything.

It’s funny though, so many people stop by and really they never have much to say to me. A simple, ‘thank you’ would be nice. Some people search around, like maybe they contributed something on accident. Those are the ones that mumble and mutter to me.

Abiotic Group


Things are changing.
Slower as we go,
faster as we grow apart.

Still a group.
We stand out now,
lifted by forces unknown.

Seeing all things.
From this height,
we recognize our place.

Abiotic Couple

Odd Couple

No matter who goes by,
they are seen as a couple.

Never alone,
only feeling mellow.

Two odd numbers;
Locked and unlocked.

Unaware of purpose,
they sunbathe in silence.

Abiotic Group


Dirtied by the foul of others
Made to stand in line

Do as told

Appreciated duty or torment
After too long unknown

Abiotic Group


With ease over time we realize
Something kept secret

Our transgressions
Slowly painted public

Abiotic Couple


I hate to be mean, but we have been through this a few times now.
Where does the signal come from?
That’s right – the sky.
Where are you pointed?
You are pointing at the ground.
Try again, this time with a little more…aim.

Abiotic Single


I am never fully owned
Temporarily held in place

With care I sustain
If I am wanted

Do not consider me broken
You still have my soul

Abiotic Couple

Friend Pipes

Were you up all night again?!
Oh come on man…do we have to do this again?
Fine, fine…I’ll just let you go out and drown yourself.
DUDE what is your problem? Water comes FROM us. We are ALWAYS drowning.
You know what I mean.
You don’t have to act like my big brother.
Somebody should look out for you.
Well, look at you! You’re huge! Why not lose a few pounds?
[sigh] Forget it. We’re stuck here.