Flora Single


I know it seems silly, but I would really appreciate it if you would correctly label me. I know that most people will understand that I’m not a banana.

They probably even understand that I am a fruit.

But what about the child who wanders in, with recently acquired knowledge of reading and general fruit names? This poor child will see me and say, “that’s a funny-looking banana.”

I don’t WANT to be a funny-looking banana!

So please take me off this banana plate or label me as I am! Note my value and help others distinguish me. While we’re on the subject, I will never understand why couples have less value than individuals.

Abiotic Single


Stop…before you say it, I know.
I really shouldn’t have.
I knew I would regret it, but I just couldn’t resist!

There it was – sitting there, looking delicious.
A big electrical brownie just for me!
I just ate it, okay?

It was delicious.
I know they’ll close me up and it’ll be with me forever,
but I don’t care.

Please don’t judge me.

Abiotic Single

Pitch In

It was a slow day. Not too many visitors, so as you can see…I haven’t collected much. I hope the Flip & Empty man isn’t disappointed. You should have seen me last week! There were swarms of humans with tons of contributions. I couldn’t even hang on to everything.

It’s funny though, so many people stop by and really they never have much to say to me. A simple, ‘thank you’ would be nice. Some people search around, like maybe they contributed something on accident. Those are the ones that mumble and mutter to me.

Flora Single

I’m So Lucky

Just a few inches more and I would have been in the trash can.


I never wanted to be part of a random heap –
Among discarded Starbucks.

No no…this is not right!
I am meant to become part of the earth, not trapped in a bag.
Why delay my decay any longer by lining us up in rows?
Please do me the favor of allowing me to become one with the soil again!

Abiotic Single


I am never fully owned
Temporarily held in place

With care I sustain
If I am wanted

Do not consider me broken
You still have my soul

Fauna Single

I’m not here

but I’ll let you enjoy me for a moment
while I figure out what to do

You don’t look like something I should eat
but I’d still like to attack your face

for some reason

Maybe I’m supposed to be here
and you’re not

Fauna Single

Position and Hold

I have been waiting most of the day for those flying guys to leave so I can POUNCE

I’m ready – I’m ready – I’m ready!

There is someone staring at me though, I can feel it.



Okay…let’s do this.

Flora Single

Maclura pomifera

A friend told me I deter spiders.
“Elemol” they said.

I don’t dislike them;
They do me no harm.

But what a strange thing
to tell me after all this time.

This coming from a citrus sinensis.
Flaunting his beautiful color.

Fauna Single


In the wind,
      I have wings.

Fauna Single


Aloft for great perspective –
Alight for calm feathers.

Long days of survival –
Pesty humans swarm IX XII V.