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  • Semantics


    I know it seems silly, but I would really appreciate it if you would correctly label me. I know that most people will understand that I’m not a banana. They probably even understand that I am a fruit. But what about the child who wanders in, with recently acquired knowledge of reading and general fruit…

  • Temptation


    Stop…before you say it, I know. I really shouldn’t have. I knew I would regret it, but I just couldn’t resist! There it was – sitting there, looking delicious. A big electrical brownie just for me! I just ate it, okay? It was delicious. I know they’ll close me up and it’ll be with me…

  • Pitch In

    Pitch In

    It was a slow day. Not too many visitors, so as you can see…I haven’t collected much. I hope the Flip & Empty man isn’t disappointed. You should have seen me last week! There were swarms of humans with tons of contributions. I couldn’t even hang on to everything. It’s funny though, so many people…

  • I’m So Lucky

    I’m So Lucky

    Just a few inches more and I would have been in the trash can. THE TRASH CAN! I never wanted to be part of a random heap – Among discarded Starbucks. No no…this is not right! I am meant to become part of the earth, not trapped in a bag. Why delay my decay any…

  • Parts


    I am never fully owned Temporarily held in place With care I sustain If I am wanted Do not consider me broken You still have my soul

  • I’m not here

    I’m not here

    but I’ll let you enjoy me for a moment while I figure out what to do You don’t look like something I should eat but I’d still like to attack your face for some reason Maybe I’m supposed to be here and you’re not

  • Position and Hold

    Position and Hold

    I have been waiting most of the day for those flying guys to leave so I can POUNCE I’m ready – I’m ready – I’m ready! There is someone staring at me though, I can feel it. HOLD HOLD Okay…let’s do this.

  • Maclura pomifera

    Maclura pomifera

    A friend told me I deter spiders. “Elemol” they said. I don’t dislike them; They do me no harm. But what a strange thing to tell me after all this time. This coming from a citrus sinensis. Flaunting his beautiful color.

  • Ability


    In the wind,       I have wings.

  • Rest


    Aloft for great perspective – Alight for calm feathers. Long days of survival – Pesty humans swarm IX XII V.