Abiotic Group


Things are changing.
Slower as we go,
faster as we grow apart.

Still a group.
We stand out now,
lifted by forces unknown.

Seeing all things.
From this height,
we recognize our place.

Flora Single

I’m So Lucky

Just a few inches more and I would have been in the trash can.


I never wanted to be part of a random heap –
Among discarded Starbucks.

No no…this is not right!
I am meant to become part of the earth, not trapped in a bag.
Why delay my decay any longer by lining us up in rows?
Please do me the favor of allowing me to become one with the soil again!

Abiotic Single


I am never fully owned
Temporarily held in place

With care I sustain
If I am wanted

Do not consider me broken
You still have my soul

Abiotic Couple

Friend Pipes

Were you up all night again?!
Oh come on man…do we have to do this again?
Fine, fine…I’ll just let you go out and drown yourself.
DUDE what is your problem? Water comes FROM us. We are ALWAYS drowning.
You know what I mean.
You don’t have to act like my big brother.
Somebody should look out for you.
Well, look at you! You’re huge! Why not lose a few pounds?
[sigh] Forget it. We’re stuck here.
Fauna Single

I’m not here

but I’ll let you enjoy me for a moment
while I figure out what to do

You don’t look like something I should eat
but I’d still like to attack your face

for some reason

Maybe I’m supposed to be here
and you’re not